At AK Printing Solutions, we stand out as packaging solutions company that truly comprehends the needs of medium and small enterprises. Our dedicated team invests considerable effort to identify the requirements of our valued customers. What sets us apart is our team of skilled individuals, driven by a genuine desire to assist our customers in connecting with their target audience effectively. We are committed to delivering high quality products and services that enhance the image of our customers, fostering the growth of their business. Our company has established an efficiently operating infrastructure, playing a crucial role in our overall growth.

At AK Printing Solutions, we excel in providing important services such as Ultra Violet printing, Spot UV Printing, UV Coating and Spot UV Printing for various applications including Business Cards, Brochures and Packaging. We are a trusted service provider located in Navi Mumbai. The key pillars of our approach include prioritizing complete customer satisfaction, tailoring products to meet specific needs, offering budget friendly prices and delivering the best quality products.

Product introduction :

Spot UV printing is a specialized printing technique that adds a glossy and raised coating to specific areas of a printed material, creating a striking contrast between the shiny and matte surfaces. This method is widely used in the printing industry to enhance the visual appeal of various promotional materials. Spot UV printing is a process that involves applying a clear and shiny layer to select areas of a printed surface. This technique creates a visually appealing contrast between the glossy, raised portions and the matte background. The process typically begins with the standard printing of the document using traditional inks. UV coating is then applied to specific areas using a UV light to cure and harden the coating, creating a raised and glossy effect. This type of printing is used to enhance product packaging, making it stand out on the shelves.

Benefits of Spot UV Printing :

1.Enhanced Aesthetics : Spot UV adds a luxurious and high end feel to printed materials, making them visually appealing.

2.Textural Contrast : The raised surface provides a tangible contrast, creating a unique and memorable experience for the viewer.

3. UV coating adds a protective layer, making the printed material more resistant to wear and tear.

Features related to spot UV printing :

1. Adds Texture: The raised UV printing in spot UV printing adds a tangible element to the printed material. When you run your fingers over the surface, you can feel the raised areas, creating a unique sensory experience.

2.Highlights Design Elements: Spot UV printing is often used to highlight specific design elements such as logos, text or images. By applying the glossy coating only to these areas, they become more prominent and eye catching.

3.Versatility: Spot UV printing can be used on various types of printed materials including business cards, brochures, packaging, invitations and book covers. It can be applied to both light and dark colored papers, allowing for creative design possibilities.

4.Protection: In addition to its aesthetic benefits, Spot UV coating also provides a protective layer to the printed material. It helps to prevent scratching and fading, ensuring that the design remains intact for a longer time.

5. Design Considerations: When designing for Spot UV printing , it is important to consider the contrast between the matte and glossy finishes. The areas that will receive the Spot UV coating should be carefully chosen to create a visually appealing composition.

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